How long until the Botox when applied in the feet starts working?

I've been suffering from Hyperhidrosis for years (sweaty feet). Yesterday I just had my first Botox injection. The dermatologist didn't numb the area as I expected he would (no cream nor local anesthesia, just ice) and instead of injecting the Botox slowly in each affected area he just pinched my feet with the needle several times. Is that the normal procedure? Not sure how the botox would be applied using that method. Today my feet still drenched and I haven't notice any improvement yet.

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Botox and feet

Botox works very well to stop hyperhydrosis in feet.   It takes 100 units per foot to attain dryness.   The effect shows somewhat in 2 days and peaks at one week.   The best technique is as follows.   Place an entire tube of Emla cream in each of two number 8 gloves.  Then place the gloves over the feet for 75 minutes.   Your feet will be numb.   Then begin the tiny injections over the entire surface of the sole of the foot with emphasis on determined wet areas.  Wet areas can be identified by the starch-iodine test.   If there is still a little pain an ice pack may help.  Usually the Emla numbs the foot.   I have done nerve blocks in the past but I believe the golve-Emla cream technique is kinder and very very effective.   The number of tiny injections in the foot range around 75 to 100.   The dryness is profound and usually lasts around 6 months.   My technique for the hand is similar.  Again dryness is profound.   My Best,  Dr C

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Botox in the feet

The Botox is placed subcutaneously right under the skin and should start to take affect within the next seven days.  

Jeffrey W. Hall, MD
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When will Botox start working on the feet

We typically use 100 units of Botox per foot, and find that there is benefit noted after 2-3 days, with maximal effect observed in the 10-14 day range. Everyone is different as far as speed of onset, and even duration. Some of the result is dependent on dosing and injecting properly, so make sure to speak with your dermatologist about this and other treatment options for hyperhidrosis.

Benjamin Barankin, MD, FRCPC
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Botox and Sweating

Botox is an excellent way to help reduce sweating.  However, the sweating takes approximately 100 Units of botox injected and two full weeks to have the desired effects.  If after two weeks you are still sweating then return to your physician for evaluation.

Michele S. Green, MD
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Hyperhidrosis (sweaty feet)

Botox takes 7-14 days for it to start to work to reduce sweating in the feet or under the armpits.  After 2 weeks if your not getting results you will need to go in for a follow up.  It takes between 80 to 100units of Botox per foot to achieve dryness.  Your provider will have a record showing how many units were injected at your initial treatment and know if a higher dose is needed.  Good Luck!   You may want to request a topical cream be applied to help numb the soles of your feet as well.

Brian C. Reuben, MD
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How long until the Botox when applied in the feet starts working?

Botox normally takes about 2 weeks before seeing your result, I suggest you give it time and schedule a follow-up appointment with your provider, he/she would know how many units were applied  

Kenneth B. Hughes, MD
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Botox for Feet Sweating

The time it takes for Botox to work when used for excessive sweating varies. I have seen results in anywhere from 7 days to 3 weeks after the injections. The main reason that it does not work is that the dose of Botox given was inadequate. I have found it to work very well for feet sweating using anywhere between 50-100 units per foot. It's important that you follow up with your physician 3-4 weeks after the initial treatment to see if you need more Botox. I normally use either ice or numbing cream before the injections. Without these the injections can be quite uncomfortable as there are many injection sites needed. Hope this helps answer your question. Rest assured, that when the Botox kicks in, it is very effective in controlling the excessive sweating of the feet. The effects can last for about 3-4 months.

Michael A. Zadeh, MD, FACS
Sherman Oaks General Surgeon
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Botox on feet

Most our patients start noticing the effect by day 5 to 8. The injection technique very and depends on the type of neuromodulator used and the dilution. For instance, Dysport spreads wider than Botox, therefore one does not need as many injection points.

Hooman Khorasani, MD
New York Dermatologic Surgeon
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