How Long Does the Abdominal Pain Last After a TT?

I am 6.5 weeks postop TT and BL. I have had a relatively good recovery. My abs have still been tender but getting increasingly better. But I noticed the last 2 days that they are more sore, especially above the belly button. I haven't done much more than usual so don't think I have over done it. Is this normal?

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It takes months to recover from a tummy tuck. The muscles need to readjust to the new midline tension and there is a lot of surgical area that has to heal

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Tummy Tuck Healing

   After 6 weeks of uneventful healing following tummy tuck exercise can be resumed.  It is important to ease back into it.  The plication of the abdominal wall can produce a great deal of tenderness after resuming activities.  Recovery will occur over a period of months.

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How Long Does the Abdominal Pain Last After a TT?

It varies a lot from patient to patient. The course of improvement is not always steady, but has ups and downs, as you are experiencing. It is quite common to get new sensations of discomfort at 6 weeks as pre-surgery activities resume. Usually by three months all but the most occasional symptoms are resolved.

Good luck with the rest of your recovery. 

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