Long Term Results with Botox?

Hello, I have been very prudent with my 4 Botox sessions for masseter reduction for the past year or so. I have seen considerable changes, especially after the 2nd Botox Injection (40 units). Since I am planning to conceive, I understand that I cannot have Botox anytime soon. My question for doctors who have had patients who are prudent like me, but had to stop for some reason, did you get any feedback that the atrophy reversed due to the length of time, say one year?

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Botox and masseter reduction

Whether or not your masseter muscles will return back to baseline is unknown, however because you won't be regularly treating them with Botox for a year, I would imagine they will gain some strength, and some growth will occur.  

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Long term results with Botox

Some of your muscle atrophy may diminish while you are off treatment during your pregnancy.The important thing is to be safe while you are pregnant  and possibly breast feeding. Feel confident that the Botox will work again after this hiatus from treatment. enjoy this  experience.

Esta Kronberg, MD
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Will Muscle Atrophy Reverse w/ No Botox for 1 Year?

Hi Suzanne.  Not sure any of can answer this question easily.  Of course the muscle will come back some because you will now be using it more without the Botox.  Whether it will go back to baseline is the key question and I don't know that anyone can give you a standard answer for that.  It's going to vary patient to patient.

Harold J. Kaplan, MD
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Stopping Botox in jawline, how long will muscle take to come back

To say that the atrophy of the muscle fully reversed in that timeframe would be a 'no'. You should expect some of the muscle to come back, but not all of it hopefully. Enjoy your pregnancy and just know that if it worked before, it can work again, after your pregnancy and breastfeeding are over. For now, enjoy that!

F. Victor Rueckl, MD
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