Possible Long-term Complications from Retin A Use Before Fraxel Laser?

I have a fair complexion and just went in for my second Fraxel Laser treatment 4 days ago. I use the lowest dose of Retin A every other day, and had my last dose 3 days before my procedure. This time, the redness is more intense and uneven, and I still have edema. Are there any serious long-term complications from use of Retinoic acid before Fraxel Laser?

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You should be fine

It is appropriate to use retinoids before Fraxel treatments. Discontinuation is recommended for several before, to prevent excess redness, but you still should be fine in 7-10 days. Next time, be off topical retinoids for one week. The use of sunscreen with your redness is critical to prevent pigmentation. You may also want to have your dermatologist give you a mild corticosteroid cream or use the new Clinique Medical kit to shorten your redness. The use of Revaleskin, Neocutis Biorestorative Cream, or another antioxidant or wound healing cosmeceutical may also speed the resolution of this complication.

Good luck.

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