Long Term Cheek Blister After IPL

I had a second ipl treatment in early Spring and went outside immediately following it for 3 hours without sunscreen. 3 days later, a large blister formed on top of my left cheek, and the skin over it became white although the skin appears to be healthy. I have fair skin with freckles. I have had this blister under the surface of my skin for 5 weeks, and would like to know what to do about it. I was not given any instructions about staying out of the sun following the treatment until now.

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Follow Up Care Needed

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Without seeing exactly what is going on, it is difficult to make a statement one way or another.  However, you should be seen in the office that did the treatment.  In this case, I would request that you be seen by the doctor, not just the nurse who did the procedure.  It is unlikely that going in the sun for 3 hourse caused this.  It is possible that something was there previously that the IPL hit with the light.  In any case, I do advise that if it is not yet gone, you should see someone.


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