Long Term Effects of Fillers in Non Surgical Nose Job?

my nose was rendered weak and small from an injury .the lateral cartilages in the middle vault seem to have got short as left side has collapsed leaving the nose extremly narrow and an indent on the left nostril that extends to the tip.i m extremly nervous to go under the knife when it's already a mess and too fragile.i was wondering if i could use fillers to camoflauge the indent to get a smoother and rounder tip.in such a case would the mass/weight of the injectable further deepen the dent?

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Filler Can Hide Small Irregularities

From your description, it really sounds if you would be best off with a reconstructive rhinoplasty.  This will correct the damage and ensure good long-term breathing.  Filler is best for correcting minor irregularities.  As long as the damage is not too severe, you should get some cosmetic improvement.  If you are concerned about function have your surgeon use a hyaluronic acid filler which can be disolved if you are unhappy. 

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