How Long Does It Take a Temporal Fascial Graft to Fully Settle?

Hello, Eleven months ago I had an osteoma removed from my forehead, a couple inches above my left brow. To recontour that area, my plastic surgeon harvested a temporal fascial graft from my left temporal scalp. But the area still appears to be slightly padded compared to my right side. I'm wondering if anyone can shed light on the typical healing process of these grafts. Thanks,

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Forehead Fullness after Flap Reconstruction

Without Before and After photographs it s ard to comment on the magnitude of deformity and quality of reconstruction. I assume to hole left in your forehead by the removal of the bone tumor was significant enough to warrant borrowing the lining of the temple muscle to plug the depression.  Such grafts take a while to scar in but at close to a year you may be looking at the ultimate result.  Is another operation worth it? Will your insurance ay for it? These are questions you should directed to your surgeon. 

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11 months after osteoma removal

If you feel at this point that it is too thick, it probably will not get any smaller. You shoudl see your surgeon and discuss it with him.

Steven Wallach, MD
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By eight months things should be pretty settled.

This long out from surgery it is not likely that things will change much at this point.  If you feel overfilled, this is a good time to see your surgeon again to discuss how you have healed and determine if revisional surgery is possible to make this area look better.

Kenneth D. Steinsapir, MD
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