How Long It Takes to my Nose, After Rhinoplasty, to Recover Its Functionality to 100%?

I had rhinoplasty surgery 28 days ago. I still feel that my nose is congested sometimes indoors. I need to know this in order to back to running

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Nasal Congestion after Rhinoplasty

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Edema (swelling) is common both inside the nose (septum/turbinates) and in the skin. This should gradually resolve. Sometimes the obstruction is caused by crusting in the nose that your surgeon can remove. If your symptoms are severe, schedule an appointment with your surgeon.

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Rhinoplasty swelling take an entire year to ago

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Swelling in the nose is common, especially inside and around the tip. If septal work was done, swelling can last for several months, but you should see some improvement each week. There is no danger with physical activity after 2-3 weeks, as it relates to breathing, but for very active workouts airflow through the nose won't be ideal in the early postoperative period. Time is usually the key.

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