How Long It Takes for Capsules to Absorb into Body After Breast Explantation

I've had breast explantation two weeks ago. My ps left the capsules in saying they will be absorbed into body without any problems. At the moment I am having some problems with my chest muscles feeling weak. I am hoping the capsules being reabsorbed and the area enclosing, and muscles reattaching will improve my problem. Has there been any documentation to how long capsules took to be absorbed?

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Breast Implant Removal and Capsule?

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Thank you for the question.

I do not think that capsule tissue will be absorbed after removal of breast implants. Also, the capsule tissue ( If soft and thin) tends to be asymptomatic for the majority patients after removal of breast implants.

I hope this helps.


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On the capsules reabsorbing by themselves, I am not so sure. If they were really thin maybe over time. I remove the majority of them to facilitate the process particularly when no new implants are being placed. On muscle weakness, it seems to return to normal in most cases at least when the original implants were not huge.


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John Di Saia MD

John P. Di Saia, MD
Orange Plastic Surgeon

Breast implant removal and capsule treatment

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If I am performing an operation to permanently remove breast implants, I will generally remove the majority, if not all of the capsular tissue.  This allows for more rapid and complete healing of the chest tissues, in addition to limiting the possibiltiy of a seroma forming (postoperative fluid collection that may require aspiration or drainage).  If your implants were under the muscle, I would repair the muscle by re-attaching it to the chest wall if possible to facilitate normal muscle function.  Every case, of course, is different, and these concerns are best discussed with your operating surgeon since they know your particular case best.


good luck

Dr. Simon

Tissue reaction after breast surgery

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It's difficult to say, but the capsules will most likely just become scar tissue.  If this scarring bothers you in the future, it may need to be removed surgically.

Implant capsules after explantation

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I agree with the other doctors. The capsules do not completely reabsorb. But they usually do not cause a problem unless they fill with fluid or remain palpable and firm under the skin. The muscles may actually be a little weaker because they are not stretched out to length any more over the implant, but they will quickly contract to the smaller volume and then work as well as they were working prior to the explantation. Be patient, you will probably feel better in several weeks.




Daniel A. Medalie, MD

Capsules Don't Reabsorb

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Capsules do not reabsorb in my experience. They may become clinically irrelevant as long as fluid does not accumulate. With time the area in question will hopefully soften and you will return to your normal level of activity.

Brian Klink, MD
Vacaville Plastic Surgeon
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What happens to old capsules

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Not sure I can agree with your doctor theat the capsules will "absorb" into your body as sometimes years later you go in and the entire pocket is still there.  The muscles don't "reattach" really either.  But the pocket and the capsular lining is harmless and the muscles are no weaker than when the implants were in.

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