How Long Does It Take for the Swelling from Radiesse Injections to Subside?

I was injected Radiesse in my nasolabial folds and cheeks 7 days ago. For some reason the swelling in the folds has diminished, nevertheless, my cheeks look a little bit big. Could this be due to swelling or was I injected too much Radiesse? If its not due to swelling can the volume in my cheeks diminish with the massages the Doctor gives at the office?

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Swelling from Radiesse injections can last 4-6 weeks

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Swelling from Radiesse injections can last 4-6 weeks. Sometimes the swelling will go down within a week or so. But, we usually wait a month before doing any refinements to the procedure because small amounts of swelling can still be present. And, swelling around the eyes can last even longer.

New York Oculoplastic Surgeon
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Cheek swelling afer Radiesse

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It can take weeks for cheek swelling to go away after the Radiesse injections. The massage may help.  If it turns out that there is an overcorrection issue, it will just take time for it to resolve on its own as there is not sure way to reduce the amount of Radiesse leaving an homogenous aesthetically-pleasing result.

Ronald Shelton, MD
Manhattan Dermatologic Surgeon
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