How Long Does it Take to Have a Substantial Improvement with Juvederm for Eyes and Scars ?

Hi,I'm injected juvederm in the tear trough,crow's feet +an old depressed scar.I’m pretty satisfied with my eyes,however,it's the second time,I’am injected for a retouch 14 days after the 1st injection. My eyes look better but it's not perfect yet and regarding the crow's feet wrinkles,they sound to be always apparent with a kind of granulauma on the spot injection which makes me worried.For my scar,the relief's better but does it take more time to have a substantial improvement on scars?Tx

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Improvement of scars with Juvederm

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If the scar is shallow and not too big, Juvederm will work,albeit temporarily.

If the scar isdeep and attached to the subcutaneous fat layer, you may need a subcision followed by injection of Juvederm or another filler. I would try Radiesse next time, or even Artefill. A Photo would help.

There are many other ways to treat scars including classic excision, punch excision, punch excision/grafting,etc.

You may want to discuss these alternative treatments with the Doctor who is treating you.


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Treating scar with juvederm

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Treating a scar with juvederm should not be a whole lot different than using it in other areas. You should see the improvement right away. the only case in which I think it might take time is if there is inflammation and swelling around the scar from the injection making it look worse temporarily.. After a few days hat you see should be what you got. 

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