How Long Does Subfacial Recovery Take and How Does It Compare to Subglandular or Submuscular Recovery?

I am avidly into karate and to miss a day is to feel like I'm being denied air to breathe. Now karate is active, aerobic and you obviously make a lot of quick, strong movements with your arms and hands, but there is very little actual contact against your body and otherwise you are hitting/kicking pads and the heavy bag. That said, how will I have to wait to get back into SOMETHING with karate? I know I can't go full out on day 2, but what CAN I do? 4 weeks will kill me! Thank You!

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Recovery after Breast Augmentation

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Regardless of technique and placement of the implants you should avoid heavy contact for at least 4 weeks to 6 weeks.

New York Plastic Surgeon

Augment recovery and karate

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I can appreciate how important karate is to you. However, the reality, whichever technique is used, is that you should not engage in contact activities for at least 8 weeks postop or you can seriously compromise the healing. If you aren't prepared to accept this, then remember that this is an elective procedure. The two techniques you refer to are essentially comparable.

Subfascial breast augmentation

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Subfascial breast augmentation is nothing more than a glorified subglandular augmentation. What is more important is your impatience to return to full activity. Too much activity too soon could lead to a lifetime of implant problems. Allow yourself the proper amount of recovery time for the best possible long-term outcome!

Marcel Daniels, MD
Long Beach Plastic Surgeon

Don't compromise on breast augmentation recovery or you will risk needing a revision!

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The decision of where to place the implant (submuscular is best IMO) is NOT based on recovery.  If you were my patient I would tell you that unless you could refrain from any and all acitivites that could move your implant out of place (like karate), for 3 months you should not do the surgery at all.  IF you displace your implants by misbehaving, you will need a revision at substantial cost to you.  Do not do this!

Subfascial recovery for breast augmentation

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i do not believe that a subfascial breast augmentation offers anything more than a subglandular pocket does. It probably causes the same discomfort as subglandular.

Steven Wallach, MD
New York Plastic Surgeon
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Your surgeon is the one to whom this question should be addressed. I can say that although there may be more discomfort with submuscular placement as compared with submammary or subfascial, the recovery periods will not be different. 

If you choose not to follow your surgeon's recommendations, you will risk compromising your outcome!

Thank you for your question, best wishes. 

Jourdan Gottlieb, MD
Seattle Plastic Surgeon

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