How Long Does Strong Tissue Last After Vaser?

I had vaser lipo for 3 weeks and i feel like i have strong tissue inside my arms, lower waists, and limbs(areas that i had a vaser). How long does it last? Do i need to have radiofrequency simultaneously combined with high-power ultrasound cavitation massage? If yes for how long and how often? Thanks a lot. ps. the result is great.

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How Long Does "Strong Tissue" Last After Vaser?

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The "Strong Tissue" you are referring to is inflammation caused by the liposuction itself. It would take a few months to soften completely and it should NOT treated with further trauma. If you are impatient and wish to hasten the recovery process you may benefit from carefully done lymphatic massage.

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Vaser Liposuction

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The Vasershape is very good at breaking up the dense tissue after lipo, and we use ours regularly. Thank you for your question and good luck with everything.

Tissue hardening following Vaser

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Postoperative tissue induration is common following Vaser -it is an inflammatory responce to trauma of the operation. It is very normal and can resolve eventually, although sometimes it can take up to a  few months to disappear completely. Being patient is very important, manual lymphatic drainage massage, warm compresses and simple anti-inflammatory preparations can be helpful and wearing your compression is very important.

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