How Long Should It Take my Stitches to Dissolve After Buccal Pad Removal?

I had my buccal pads removed on January 4, 2010. The stitches in my right cheek are gone but I still have stitches in my left cheek. Should they have dissolved by now? Thank you

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Dissolving Stitches in the Mouth

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Surgical stitches are divided into 2 large classes - Dissolving and Non-dissolving. We use non-dissolving stitches in cases where we do not trust the strength of scar repair by itself to securely hold things in place (Heart surgery, some Orthopedic Surgery etc). On the other hand, the vast majority of surgery is done with dissolving sutures because as they dissolve they leave nothing permanent behind to become infected.

100% of intra-oral surgery is done with dissolving sutures and most of these are either plain or chromic gut. The vast majority of gut sutures are dissolved by 2-3 weeks by which time these wounds are healed. If the sutures bother you see your surgeon and he will take them out for you.

Dr. P. Aldea

Memphis Plastic Surgeon

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