Long Standing Pain Around Facial Implants?

In 2001 I had a chin and cheek implants. Since the middle of October 2012 I have been experiencing tightness and pain around all three implants. I saw a local plastic surgeon. He said he didn’t see any signs of infection. He put me on oral steroids for 6 days since he felt this could all be due to allergies. Without seeing much improvement, I went back to the same plastic surgeon a few weeks later, when again he said he saw no signs of infection. I continue to experience the same symptoms.

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Facial Pain Around Long Standing Implants

    I would recommend going to see another plastic surgeon for an opinion.  There is little written about this topic in this literature, and I would find someone who has put in more than a few implants.

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Unknown Source of Pain of Facial Implants

Such painful symptoms as you have described are most unusual after facial implants and are the first that I have ever heard of such facial implant issues. This is particularly baffling given that it has been over a decade since their placement.  Given that these symptoms are present in all three implants, infection is not a likely origin of your concerns. I would have to know more about your facial implant history (type of implants, incisional access, how do they look) to be more helpful.

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