I Have Long Sighted Ness of -8:00 and -9.00 for my Eyes. So Do U Suggest Me for ICL or LASIK?

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ICL versus LASIK Eye Surgery for a High Prescription Depends on Your Corneal Thickness

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This depends on the thickness of your corneas, because the higher your prescription the more corneal tissue the laser will have to shape during LASIK in order to correct your vision.


LASIK sugery is safer than ICL and highly effective for refractions as high as -15.00 as well as being able to treat astigmatism much more effectively then ICL.  The only caveat is that your cornea must be thick enough.  For a -9.00 refraction, corneas in the 550 ┬Ám range or thicker are ideal.  If your corneas are too thin, then and only then is ICL a great alternative.

San Diego Ophthalmologist

Lasik vs icl vs lasek for high prescriptions

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at -9 you're out of range for safe LASIK and most likely could not get enhanced if nec

you're too low to get ICL i don't do that unless your Rx is higher than -20

for anything from -10 to -20 i would perform LASEK or epiLASEK on you

i've done the highest Rx done in US history last year w LASEK, which was -22

Emil Chynn, MD

Emil William Chynn, MD, FACS, MBA
New York Ophthalmologist

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