I Have a Long Shaped Lump in my Armpit Thats Sore!

along my implant in my armpit i have a lump that running along the side of the implant. It's sore & not perfectly round. It's only on my right side.I had my BA on june 27th 2011 & got 370cc inspira-srf. Do u think it could be just a normal part of healing or something bad:( I see my PS on the july 12. please help!

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Lump in armpit following breast implants

You need to be reexamined by the original surgeon. You don't say in your description how large the lump is, it could be an enlarged lymph node but the only way to know for sure is to be examined and possibly undergo an xray such as an MRI.

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Lump one week after breast implants

We can only guess at what may be causing the lump and soreness along one of your breast implants. If you have a problem or question why wait to call your surgeon? Don't sit and worry until the 12th, give the office a call and have them take a look. If they won't see you, you did not do your homework beforehand.

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