How Long To See Results With Invisalign? (photo)

Invisalign treatment to widen my smile. Is It normal that all my trays looked exacly the same size. I don't see any difference in each of them. I also haven't notice any improvement in my arches. How long will I see results with Invisalign? My Dr said That the treatment will last about a year. He's charging me $7000dlrs. Is that Normal? I think is too much. I also have severe root reabsortion in some of my teeth. Will Invisaling affect it more?

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How Long to See Invisalign Results

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Invisalign would not be my treatment of choice if you need any SIGNIFICANT widening of your arches. Although the trays all appear to be the same, there are subtle differences in each one. Every time you start a new tray, it should feel much tighter and you should notice more pressure on your teeth. If you truly have significant root resorbtion, you should think twice about doing any orthodontics.

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