How Long to See Results After Pubic Liposuction?

I had pubic liposuction 4 and a half months ago, surgeon removed 400cc of fat. It was totally flat straight after surgery but as expected was VERY swollen the next day. Took around a month to settle to the size it was pre-op but no reduction since,so it looks exactly as it did before. Some days I think it looks more swollen than others. My surgeon was thrilled he managed to remove so much fat and promised good results. Will it ever reduce to the size it was straight after surgery?

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Post Operative Swelling

I am amazed at the amount of fat that was removed form your pubic area.  I am assuming by pubic area that you mean the area under the mons pubis.  I have been doing liposuction since 1983 and I have liposuctioned the pubic area probably 1,000 times.  I have never seen more than 100 - 150 ccs in that area, so therefore 400 ccs means there was a lot of surgery which also means there was a lot of trauma and swelling. 


It is difficult to adequately put pressure on this area, therefore I would recommend post operative ultrasound (the kind the physical therapist uses to get rid of sore muscles, not the kind that finds the baby in the uterus).  Seven or eight ultrasound treatments of about 5-10 minutes each should take away a lot of the swelling.  Also, ask your plastic surgeon if Medrol tablets might not be appropriate for you. 

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