How Long to See Results of Accolate and Bromocryptine?

My surgeon just prescribed Accolate and Bromocryptine to stop milk production and soften breast. How long before I should see any results if the medicine is working?

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Bromoryptine And Accolate - How Long Before I See Any Results?

Bromocryptine, the generic name for Parlodel, is a pill used to decrease lactation by decreasing levels of prolactin coming from the anterior pituitary.  Basically, after a breast augmentation, the mechanical effects of stretching the breast tissue sends a message to the brain to increase prolactin to produce milk even in some non-pregnant females.  In my practice, in the very few occasions that I had lactation after a breast augmentation, I have given 2.5 ml of Parlodel by mouth, twice per day for one week, and this has always cured the problem of post breast augmentation lactation. 

As far as Accolate is concerned, I believe 20 ml of Zafirlukast (generic Accolate) twice per day on an empty stomach for 90 days is the appropriate dose.  If there is no improvement in 90 days, then I doubt seriously if it will work.  On the other hand, if you see some improvement within the first 90 days, a second 90 days would be appropriate.  Liver function studies should be done prior to taking Zafirlukast, and patients with abnormal liver function studies should consider not taking Zafirlukast because of potential liver damage.  I personally have tested over 1,000 patients before giving them Zafirlukast, and have tested all my patients at 90 days finding no changes in liver function. 

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