How Long to See Fading After Pulse Dye Treatment?

My 6 month old baby had his first pulse dye laser treatment to remove a capillary malformation/stork bite on his forehead. It has been about 7 days -- when will I see some fading? It does not look much different. It was really red after and that has healed.... Our plastic surgeon thought 3 treatments once a agree?

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How long for fading after pulsed dye laser treatment

It can sometimes take one to two months to see the final result after a treatment with the pulsed dye laser.  The immediate discoloration from the laser can last a week or more.  In many cases, multiple treatments are needed to get the best result.  Without seeing a picture of the lesion, I can't give you any advice on how many treatments it might take, but three is not out of line.  

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