How Long Can You Safely Take Accutane?

My daughter is on her fifth month of Accutane (40mg currently), along with spironolactone, sulfamethoxazole and b/c pills. Her acne has worsened. How long can she safely stay on Accutane? We are beginning to wonder if she is going to be the one person who had no results with Accutane!

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How long can you safely take Accutane

The safety of Accutane depends on the dosage. Females who can become pregnant must absolutely stay on birth control pills the entire time. That part has no bearing. Most people need to be on the proper dosage of Accutane for about six to twelve months. Why she is on the spironolactone and sufla meds still I can't comment on, but I wouldn't keep her on those myself. They won't make the acne worse, but they aren't necessary. She needs to follow up with her physician.

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