How Long Until I Can Go on Rollercoasters After Explant

I am planning on having my 245cc overs removed and not replaced. Just over four weeks after my surgery date my friend is planning to goto a theme park for her birthday. I am just wondering if at this stage i'd be able to go and go on the rides?

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Theme park after explantation

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At 4 weeks after surgery provided that you do not have complications, you probably should be ok to go the theme park. I would check with your surgeon first.

Roller Coaster After Explantation

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You should be fine for the roller coaster at 4 weeks, but that assumes no postoperative problems. But always check with your surgeon on questions like these.

Activity after Removal of Breast Implants?

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 Thank you for the question.

Always best to check with your plastic surgeon about specific activities but ( generally speaking)  I think you'll be fine roller coasting one month after removal of breast implants. Of course, avoid any activity In the amusement park that involves specific impact with your chest.

Best wishes.


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