How long is rhinoplasty recovery/can it even be fixed?

So when I was young, probably anywhere between 9-12 I broke my nose and my parents didn't notice. I am now 16 and my nose has a large bump at the bridge and it has a blueish-purple discoloration along the bridge where I broke it, its flatened atthe place where its broken. My question is what type of surgery would my doctor would possibly recommend, what's the healing process/time like, cost etc. I really would like to fix my nose because its rather unsightly and has gotten worse over the years.

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How Long is Rhinoplasty Recovery

Rhinoplasty recovery typically lasts for several months. The first few weeks is when the nose undergoes the most significant changes. Swelling can last 3-4 months but the final shape of your nose could take a year or more to fully develop. It depends on how your specific nose recovers and the type of surgery performed. I would recommend making a few appointments with board-certified facial plastic surgeons to see what your options are and to have an in-depth analysis of your nose.

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Broken nose recovery

It is important to examine the nose to determine whether or not the external portion of the nose bones are fractured, displaced and whether or not the internal septum has been fractured creating a deviated septum. Please see the link below to our rhinoplasty photo gallery and to" the patient's guide to a rhinoplasty"

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Treatment after Nasal Trauma

A septorhinoplasty will improve both the appearance of your nose and nasal breathing if that has been compromised secondary to the accident. Recovery is typically 7-10 days. I cannot estimate the cost without seeing pictures or examining your nose. Pictures necessary for nasal evaluation are described on my website.

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How long is Rhinoplasty recovery

You need to be examined first, and the proper treatment plan will be outlined by the Doctor.

Make sure to select a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon who specializes in noses and see their "Before and Afters" .

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How long is rhinoplasty recovery/can it even be fixed?

I think it is probably reasonable to get an examination to determine what may be done to help you.

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Would a rhinoplasty correct my nose?

Without pictures it's difficult to answer the question, but a rhinos sty can correct the bump on your nose. The bluish discoloration may be improved with a laser after the rhinoplasty, unless its a foreign body left from the accident.

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