How Long to Return to my Pre-op Weight After a TT?

How Long to Return to my Pre-op Weight After a TT?

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You will return to your normal weight after tummy tuck

During healing after a procedure such as tummy tuck or liposuction there are fluid shifts with the inflammation and repair of healing. Even with the removal of the fat and skin after tummy tuck, patients will weigh more right after the procedure, and is is best to stay off the scales until healing has progressed and you are back to full activity.

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Weight gain immediately after surgery.

I can only guess that your concern is that you weigh more than before surgery despite removal of some excess tissue. A tummy tuck involves surgery over a large surface area--probably as large as for any surgery. Even carefully and delicately performed surgery is traumatic, and resulting tissue swelling causes accumulation of fluid, often enough to cause weight gain. Recall that a mom delivering an 8 pound baby and another eight pound of placenta by Caesarian section often goes home weighing more than she weighted upon admission.

This is not real tissue weight, and should be gone within a week or two. 

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