How Long Do the Results from the Titan Procedure Last?

I am thinking about getting 3 treatments of the Titan laser because I heard there is less risk involved than with Thermage but how long do the results last (what about Thermage)? I am only 32 and have small signs of cheek sagging and nasolabial fold lines. Would like to use treatment also as preventative measure?

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Titan or Thermage are great preventatives

Titan requires more sessions, but I have found that Titan and Thermage have similar success (and failures). Titan is what I have used in my office. I recommend 3-5 at 3-4 week intervals. It certainly hurts less than Thermage. Once results are seen, remember that the aging process continues. We can only turn the clock back, but it keeps on ticking. Most of my happy Titan paients come in every 2-5 years.

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