How Long Will Redness Last After a 15% Tca Peel? I Peeled a Big Area off when I Wasnt Supposed To. (photo)

I did an at home 15% tca peel 3 days ago. The skin began to peel, but I was stupid and decided to peel a larger area of skin off, when I shouldn't have. Now a fairly large area of my skin is red =[ and I am having really bad anxiety that the redness will scar and never go away. I am going to pick up some hydro-cortisone cream and aloe to help the redness, but how long will the redness last? Is there anything else I can do to help calm and reduce the redness once and for all? Help!! Thank you.

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Redness After TCA Peel

I really do not recommend people doing TCA peels at home as there are clear side effects that can be permanent when done improperly.  I am sorry you had to learn this the hard way. The redness can take a week or two to go away even after a lighter TCA peel.  I would stick to gentle cleansers, bland emollients (moisturizers), and sunscreen (or strict sun avoidance). A topical cortisone cream once or twice a day will be also be helpful for any redness or itching. If it doesn't improve much with your home care, I recommend you follow up with a dermatologist immediately.

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