How long is recover after breast reduction?

If I have a formal affair on July 4th (sisters wedding) and I know we are going on Vacation July 21st-what is the latest approx. I can have the surgery without being in pain or hurting myself?

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Recovery after breast reduction varies but most patients resume daily activities within the week.

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Restrictions to activity will be defined by your own plastic surgeon. In general, however, most women can return to normal day-to-day activities within a few days.

Recovery after Breast Reduction

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Dear laq,

The recovery after breast reduction is typically 6 weeks. That being said, you can do things like walk or sit on an exercise bike and pedal at 2 weeks post op. I would suggest that you give yourself 2 months to heal before your sister's wedding, so a surgery date around the beginning of May. It is important for you to discuss these dates with your surgeon so they are aware of your commitments. Best of luck!

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