How Long Does It Take Realistically for That Spech Impediment Caused by Invisalign to Go Away?

I heard people have problems with speaking (not able t say some sounds properly) after they got Invisalign that go away over time. How long does ot take from your experience? I would rather take some time off from work if I knew how long would that be. My problem is that I already have a foreign accent so I really need to know that. Thank you!

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Speach adjustment with Invisalign

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The speech adjustment is different for each person. Some only take few days for some it takes few weeks. The more someone speaks with the trays in the fester they tend to adjust. A lot of times even if the speech is slightly affected it is nit significant enough to cause a problem.

New York Orthodontist

Speech impediments and other adjustments wearing Invisalign aligners.

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Depending on your particular case and the conditions that present, including the need for attachments placed on teeth to allow the Aligner trays to make more specific movements, most patients will find mild adjustment to their speech will correct itself in 1-3 days. The tongue is a powerful muscle that can be very discriminating to anything new/foreign in the mouth. but it can also adapt quickly to allow your speech (lisp) to normalize quickly.

Speech Impediment from Invisalign

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I have never had a patient that didn't lose that speech impediment the very same day that they start Invisalign. No need to take time off from work.

Jay Neuhaus, DDS
New York Dentist

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