How Long Does Radiesse Last Under the Eyes?

I've been very disfigured with a lump of radiesse under my eye for almost 20 months. The product never should have been used there, especially when other products exist that have a remedy. I've tried steroid injections and total fx laser. I've seen very little improvement since the third month. Most doctors say that Radiesse dissolves in 12 to 18 months. That's obviously not the case for me and many others who still have white lumps. How long will it really take for this to go away?

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How long does Radiesse last

I'm sorry for your experience. Radiesse lasts about 12 months, or a bit more, when placed into the FDA approved areas. Under the eyes it can last much longer, as do most fillers there, because you move that area less and the facial muscles are different there, than say the NLF lines which move a lot. At 20 months, that's a pretty significant amount of time, but it should start subsiding. It's hard to tell, but you may also have some scar tissue built up there at this point. With several steroid injections and the initial Radiesse, there's a chance some of the lumpiness you note, may actually be scar tissue and not the filler itself. You can either wait it out for a few more months and see how things go, or you can try to consult with a very experienced Radiesse injector (board-certified plastic surgeon or dermatologist!) to see what other options he or she may recommend at this point. Really, time is the best bet, but I know that's been frustrating.

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Experience Is The Key To Success – As Fillers Can Last A Long Time When Placed In The Tear Trough

You are correct, the manufacturers of Radiesse do not recommend using it for the correction of tear trough deformities – exactly for the reason you present here. (But it can, and has, been done successfully with good results. The product is placed deep over the bone.) A hyaluronic acid product is preferred since irregularities are more easily corrected. Radiesse can last more than a year in some instances. It is difficult to know how much Radiesse product is still present in this location, or if this is just some fibrosis and scarring. If Radiesse product still remains, then this should continue to slowly improve with time. If this is just a mass of scar, then it may change little, or not at all.

If a lump of Radiesse product is recognized early there is a technique which involves the injection of sterile water and massage to help disperse the product. This is not likely to work at such a late stage.

Repeated steroid injections (directly into the scar tissue) may reduce scarring, but in this location that needs to be done very carefully to avoid associated complications.

Pressure is helpful in reducing and eliminating scarring but the continued application of pressure is difficult in this location near the eye. I don’t know how much massage you have utilized in this area over the past year and a half.

I am not sure what purpose a fractionated laser treatment serves in trying to improve this lump. If the product was placed deeply, like it should have been (regardless of the filler used), the laser does not penetrate deep enough to effect any change.

The last option is surgical excision.  The details and feasibility of this could only be discussed after a thorough examination.

If you are not satisfied with your current treatment, you should seek a second opinion from an experience plastic surgeon.

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How Long Does Radiesse Last Under the Eyes?

Radiesse normally last 12-16 months when injected to the cheeks, marionette, or nasolabial folds. Applying it to the tear troughs isn't recommended, most fillers typically last longer in that area due to less movement around the eyes.


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Radiesse Last Under the Eyes

Sorry to hear about your negative experience.  Your case is a good warning why you should be wary of putting radiesse under the eye or using a lesser experienced or expert injector.  Radiesse typically lasts 12 months in most areas although eyes it can last longer. As Dr. Ruecki has pointed out, the lump could be scar tissue and no longer the product itself. Consult with 2 - 3 experienced board certified plastic surgeons in your area to examine the lump and identify the proper treatment. The ASPS website could be a good starting point for a list of qualified surgeons in your area.

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