Why Has It Taken So Long To Receive A Quote Back From Doctors For My BBL?

Im in Las Vegas, Nevada, How come so far on my search for a doctor, its been taking a while for me to receive a quote with out of town doctors, I send my pictures, have a online consultation, and never receive a answer, the only quote I got so far is when I actually went in to their office in my hometown. Has this ever happen to anyone else? What is the best way to get a quote with out of town doctors so I can set a appointment? I feel kinda ignored in a way.

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Getting a price quote for your surgery

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Many doctors try to avoid giving price quotes over the phone or over the internet. I am not sure why but it may be a way for them to encourage you to come into the office because this is always a better way of evaluating you. I personally think that this policy is a bad idea. My office give prices over the phone - but they will say that the price may change (higher or lower) when the doctor evaluates you. I think that this is good because if my prices are out of your price range, then I don't want to waste your time or my time.  I just never understood why doctors keep their prices such a secret. Either way, failing to resond to an email, photo, or after an online consultation is a very big red flag and should signal a problem with the doctor or his office. 

Brazilian butt lift quotes

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The cost of a Brazilian butt augmentation ranges from $8,000 - $12000.00 depending on the surgeon’s experience and verifiable results.  This does not include your traveling expenses among other things. There is nothing wrong with having a quote and a virtual consultation, but you need to understand that an exact price might not be possible until you are seen in consultation.  I typically provide a quote once I see pictures and talk to the patient. Patients need to understand that this might change after an onsite consultation. Typically, the price does not change significantly after the consultation.

Brazilian butt lift an online consultations

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In Miami price for Brazilian butt lift can be between $5500 and $6500. Miami has some of the cheapest cosmetic surgery prices in the country. 

Online consultations are difficult to do and can never be precise. It's sometimes difficult in office consultation to determine exactly what the patient wants and to explain exactly what you can deliver surgically. The photographs can give you a general idea of what needs to be done but cannot tell you exactly what the patient expects, exactly which areas patient is concerned about or the patient's health and if they would require a hospital setting which would be more expensive.

An online consultation is only a small 1st step in trying to deliver a surgical outcome that will make a patient happy. If you would like to e-mail some pictures I'll be glad to look at them and try to get the ball rolling.

Brazilian Buttock lift

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It is simple. A brazilian butt lift in general will cost 10-14k including the surgeon fees and anesthesia fees and the facility fees. It all depend on how much liposuction needs to be done and how much reshaping of the buttocks needs to be done.

Buttock enhancement takes in consideration the buttock , the fat or lack of around the buttock and the source of fat to be obtained to enhance the buttocks.

Samir Shureih, MD
Baltimore Plastic Surgeon

Brazilian buttock lift

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It's difficult to quote a price for a procedure without being examined in person. This procedure requires liposuction of different body areas and can vary depending on a patient's size. The procedure will therefore vary in length, which affects the OR and anesthesia fees. Generally the total cost for a fat transfer to the buttock can vary anywhere from 8-13,000. This seems like a very broad range but at least can give you a general idea of what to expect. You should be examined by a board certified plastic surgeon to determine if you are a candidate for this procedure. Be sure your surgeon is experienced in this particular technique. I do not recommend using cost as a primary factor in your decision making process.

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