How long does it take post-op before nipples are no longer flat? (photos)

I had my breast reduction surgery on 12/27/13, so I am 12 days post op. Prior to surgery my nipples were quite large. My areolas were reduced in size, but my nipples are still quite flat. How long does it take to regain shape and doe the nipples to pop out? I am adding before and after photos.

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Appearance of nipples after reduction

At 12 days post-op you are still very swollen. Since the nipples were left alone by the surgery and only the areola reduced, the nipples should, eventually, regain their former shape. But it may take several months for all the swelling to go away and the nipples to regain their shape. Good luck to you.

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Breast reduction and nipples

It can take several weeks to months before the swelling and soft tissues relax to the point where your areolas are not longer on stretch leading to flattening of the nipples.  Good luck.

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