How Long Post BL/BA is the Appropriate Time to Wait to Have Nipples Revision? (photo)

I have two different nipples (both in size and shape) and I am constantly fixing the "messed" up one to ensure they both are position straight in the bra, otherwise I "look" cock-eyed"...

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Breast Enhancement Surgery

I would ask you to wait a year and than have a long talk as to what exactly you are looking for as sometimes the more you operate the more the areolas and nipples start to look different

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Wait At Least 6 Months Before Nipple Revision After Lift Augmentation

Thank you for your question. It looks as though you are relatively soon after your surgery from the photographs you have provided.

In time the appearance of your breasts and nipple areola will changed dramatically as your body adjusts to your surgery.

Personally I recommended patients wait at least 6 months and preferably a year before considering revision of the nipple areola after breast lift and augmentation.

To revise this important cosmetic area while wound healing is still progressing and the tissues are inflamed can result in abnormal healing and a worse result.

You should consult with the plastic surgeon who performed your operation. If you are unhappy with or do not have confidence in surgeon's advice then seek a second opinion. However I must say from the photos your results look very good for early post op and should improve with time.

How long to wait after breast lift/augmentation for revision

Every surgeon is different but most recommend waiting at least 6 months after breast surgery for revisionary procedures.  You need to give your breasts time to completely heal and settle into place and that can take anywhere from 3-6 months.  Talk with your surgeon and go over your concerns.  Remember, no one is perfectly symmetrical.  I know it's difficult but try to be patient.  ac 

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The appropriate amount of time to wait for a revision after surgery

In general, it is best to wait 9 to 15 months after surgery on a given body part before entertaining having additional or revision surgery on the same area.  It is optimal to wait for the post surgical inflammation to settle down to near completion before performing any corrective surgery because the position, shape, and size may all change even after a year in time. Furthermore, it can add additional risk to operate on inflamed tissue with circulation patterns that are also changing. Occasionally, a decision is made to operate earlier than this if either the healing process appears to have matured at a faster rate or when it may be more harmful to the patient to delay the corrective surgery for some other compelling reason.  This is a decision that should be made with the patient and surgeon together.

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Waiting for revision after breast lift

Like any scar, time is needed for the scar and tissue to mature so you have a clear idea of just how to revise it correctly. We would give your scar at least six months before a revision.

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I agree that the symmetry appears pretty good and that at least three months should pass before a revision is considered (if needed)

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3-6 months

Give your body time to heal. Your tissues will soften and your nipples and areolas will settle out. You may not need any additional surgery as time goes by. 

Good luck!

David Shifrin, MD
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How Long Post BL/BA is the Appropriate Time to Wait to Have Nipples Revision?

Wait at least 3 months but 6 months may be better. However, based on the picture, trying to have perfectly symmetric nipples is not easy and may just cause more scar tissue and cost more money. 

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Nipple Revision Status Post Breast Lift/Breast Augmentation

Dear Thamar,  You should wait a minimum of 6 months before any revision for this issue.  This will allow the post surgery swelling to resolve and the tissues to settle and heal..  Even with a revision, you should expect some asymmetries between your right and left breasts just as every woman has, either with or without breast surgery.  Please discuss this with your plastic surgeon and give your tissues some time to heal before making any quick decisions. 

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How Long Post BL/BA is the Appropriate Time to Wait to Have Nipples Revision?

You should wait at a minimum 3 months, preferably 6 so that all the tissue has settled around the implants. 

On this one view, the nipples and areolas appear quite even to my eye. 

All the best. 

Jourdan Gottlieb, MD
Seattle Plastic Surgeon
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