How Long Until I Can Get Permanent Artefill Injections After Radiesse?

Hi! I had Radiesse Injections for my nose (non-surgical nose job) and really like it! So now I'd like to get the permanent Artefill injections once the Radiesse is gone. It last for about 1 1/2 years, right? So how long would I have to wait until I can get the Artefill Nose job done?

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Artefill for non-surgical nose job

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Radiesse has been known to last for up to 18 months, though you may initiate Artefill Injections earlier than that. Since this bovine collagen filler requires multiple visits [one or multiple syringes, once a month for 3-5 visits], forming the shape of your nose can be a progressive process, which is a very good thing! Additionally, no filler is lost. You can supplement the Radiesse treatment rather than wait for it to deplete and have your nose to return to its baseline shape. It has been my experience that if a patient returns for a touch-up [of any injectable, with any injectable] a few months before the label suggests, longevity of the results can be well maintained. Think about it like hair or other personal hygeine: If you let your hair grow months after a hair cut, your barber/stylist must re-cut everything and may not achieve the look that you had [and liked] before. Whereas, if you went a bit more frequently for touch-ups, the style of your hair would be easier to shape and maintain. You can keep the look that you love!

Before your first treatment with Artefill, a patch test for potential allergies is required. This consists of a 4-week incubation period, so it is a good idea to complete this within the first few months that you are waiting for your Radiesse to settle. Take pictures while your nose is in ideal shape, and once you see that it is losing about 30-40% of this shape, I recommend starting your Artefill series. I suggest seeking consultations early, as your injector should be meticulous, experienced, and familiar with both fillers.

Please note that this is applicable to most fillers/combinations of in other areas of the face.

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