How Long Does Perlane Last in Chin Area Usually? Should I Wait 1 Year After to Get Mentoplasty?

I have a recessed chin and want to get chin surgery. I got injected 7 mo. ago and I see it starting to come out, not sure if it's all gone though. One Dr told me to wait a year after before getting surgery to be sure it's out b/c the enzyme might not get it all if not shot exectly where it was injected.

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Chin augmentation and Perlane

If you haven't planned chin augmentation surgery and are weighing options between providers, having them assess the area and discuss with you all of your options is a good plan. Perlane can last longer in areas, and does not always act the same in every patient.

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How long will Perlane last in chin area?

The filler will generally last for 6 months on average, and can last up to 12 months depending on the location of the treatment and the individual circumstances of the patient. I would recommend following the guidelines provided by your prospective surgeon. I hope this helps, and I wish you the best of luck. 

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How Long Does Perlane Last?

Hi Lynn.  Although there is no simple formula for how long the product lasts, 9-12 months is a good approximation for how long it would take the product to be metabolized by the body.  Good luck with the surgery.

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