How Long to Peel on a 20% TCA Peel for the Eyes?

I had a 20% peel around my eyes, upper and lower lids and crows feet. A full 3 days after the peel, the skin around my eyes has become slightly darker and it feels tight. The skin actually looks MORE wrinkled now. It almost feels like a very thin layer of elmers glue was applied to my skin and then allowed to dry. It is tight, dry, crinkly and weird looking. Makeup makes it look even worse. I am told it may take a while for the layer of dead skin to peel, but how long?

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Peeling After A TCA Peel

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From your description, it sounds like your skin is very close to peeling.  That being said, I cannot tell you exactly how much longer until that happens, but shouldn't be more than another day or two. The most important thing is to continue to hydrate the skin with bland, gentle emollients, to gently cleanse and to protect your skin from the sun. When it starts to peel, do not pick at peeling skin. Allow it to come off on its own and hydrate and cleanse the skin through that process. 

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