How Long Should Pain Last After Cellulitis of Breast I Am 2 Years out of Bc Treatment Partial Mastectomy?

lot of pain still was hospitalized for 5 days home over week and still in lots pain also 2 years out on bc treatment partial mastec. bilateral reduction radiation

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Pain after Cellulitis

    If you had reconstruction with an implant and you are recovering from cellulitis, you should follow closely with your surgeon.  It is important to get resolution of signs and symptoms of infection.  Kenneth Hughes, MD Los Angeles, CA

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Breast pain should resolve

From your post I believe you had a reduction as well.  Is this the case?  It is unclear to me what or how many surgeries you have had.  Also I don't gather that you had any form of reconstruction.

Pain with cellulitis

Usually the pain in the breast will go away after the cellulitis resolves. If you have implants, cellulitis can go on to cause an implant infection. Follow closely with your surgeon.

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