How Long Will This Pain Last?

Yesterday I had breast aug, lipo and brazilian buttlift, the pain is way more than I ever could have expected. It's extremely difficult to lay down and get up. I'm just curious when this is going to ease up. I am know to have a very high pain tolerance but this is by far the worse pain I've ever experienced. How many more days will it be like this? The meds dont seem to help much either and I am completely helpless to anything for myself. Can anyone please give me some insight on how long this might last

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Pain after Brazilian Buttlift

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  The pain after Brazilian buttlift typically eases after about 3 to 4 days and is considerably better in one week.

Pain after butt lift

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The first 48 hours after surgery are the worst.  After that, the pain begins to taper off.  When there is extreme pain, and you think that something is wrong, you need to consult your surgeon right away.

Dennis Dass, MD
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Pain after Brazilian Butt Lifts

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Regarding the pain during the recovery period, everyone is different. People have different pain thresholds, and surgeons have different techniques. Some doctors simply use older techniques that cause a lot ot tissue trauma...and pain.  I tell my patients that they will be very very sore for the first few days and then moderately sore for a week. Most people are still sore fore a few weeks but usually are back to work in a week.

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