How Long Should Pain Last After an Open Capsulotomy Surgery?

I had an open capsulotomy surgery on my left breast 8 months post-op breast augmentation. It has been 12 weeks post-op the open-capsulotomy surgery. At 8 weeks I started having pain and discomfort. The pain seems to worsen after massage and certain activities such as bending over.Is this normal? If so how long can I expect the pain to last?

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About Healing Post Augmentation and Capsular Contracture

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Patients will feel #sore and tired during the first 48 to 72 hours following surgery. During these first few days, you may engage in light activities, but must refrain from lifting or raising  your arms above your head.

Swelling and bruising will subside during the first week after surgery and can be managed by pain medication. The initial surgical tapes will be removed a few weeks after surgery during a post operative visit. #Revision patients typically may return to a work a few days after surgery (only a light workload during the first two weeks). Showers are permitted on post op day three if there are no drains.
Scars will progressively fade throughout the first year following surgery and products may be applied a few later but only with your surgeon's permission.

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Pain after capsulotomy

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You are far enough out that your pain is uncommon. It should be evaluated by your plastic surgeon.

Pain after capsulotomy

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It is very unusual to have pain after an open caspulottmy this far out...but it is possible. The best thing to do is get examined to figure out why you have so much pain.

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Pain after Breast Implant Revision, Capsulotomy

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HI Sacramento9219,

In my experience, it's relatively unusual to have this degree of pain and discomfort at 8 weeks post-op.  It's also unusual that you were okay for the first 8 weeks, and only then started having pain.  Pain is, of course, to be expected after surgery, but it's usually worse in the beginning (the first night may be deceptively pain-free, with the symptoms getting worse after that, and after the pain medication has worn off).  It typically abates over the first few days and if that's all you had surgery-wise, I would expect your symptoms to be minimal at this point

You should, of course, be in touch with your own plastic surgeon about this and all post-operative issues and concerns.

One thing that I might be concerned about is if you are re-forming a capsule.  It's not a particularly helpful concern, since there isn't much you can do about it.  But it would help explain the symptoms you are having.

Finally, if there are specific activities or positions that seems to make the symptoms worse you should (obviously!) try to avoid them for now.  Hopefully, things will just settle down on their own since there is, unfortunately, relatively little you can do at this point to make the healing process go any faster.

I hope that this helps, and good luck,

Dr. E

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