Long Oblong Face Be Made Shorter by Lowering the Hairline and Altering the Jaw? (photo)

I'm very ugly, (long oblong face) and was wondering if having my hairline lowerd and jaw altered, would create a prettier? more shorter, feminine proportional face (I use my fringe to hide my forehead, which is roughly 2.38inches in length) thank you

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Lowering hairline for facial proportion.

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Your hairline can be lowered for better facial proportion and your jaw is fine. Your face is pretty and you might want to discuss "feeling ugly" with a therapist before having surgery. 

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You aren't ugly

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Before you consider surgery, I would urge you to reconsider how you think about yourself. Your face doesn’t look long or oblong and you certainly aren’t ugly! It appears quite proportionate and feminine.

Long Oblong Face Be Made Shorter by Lowering the Hairline and Altering the Jaw?

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 No.  The way to aesthetically improve a female face, that appears oblong, is to improve the shape of the cheeks which in the photo appear quite flat anteriorly (front).  The hairline being lower will not make the face appear more heart-shaped which is the aesthetically ideal female facial shape.  

 Similarly, making the jaw or jaw line more prominent is a male trait and will make the face appear more angular and masculine...not something aesthetically beneficial for a feminine face.  IMHO, you should find a MD that understands and follows the proper aetshetics of facial beauty for some fillers (I like using Perlane) to augment the cheeks so you can see the feminizing results.  After that you can consider cheek implants if you are age appropriate.  

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Hairline Lowering/Jaw Altering

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Hello, in reviewing your posted photos there is not much that I can advise you about. You are blocking most of your face. What I will tell you is that I do not feel that you need to lower your hairline or alter your jaw. You need to schedule an appointment with a Board Certified Facial Plastic Surgeon for an in person consultation. Good luck to you.

David Alessi, MD
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