If Someone Has a Long Nose/long Midface Will He Need Other Changes Apart from the Nose? (photo)

I believe in some cases people will have a very long midface and they'll just think it's just a big nose, if they do ask for a nose job will the plastic surgeon let them know if he thinks other changes are needed for a good balance?

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Long nose/ long midface

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It is very difficult to give an answer to this question without an in-person evaluation and discussing with the patient their concerns and wishes.  If the midface is rather long and flat, cheek implants may be considered.  Cheek implants are composed of silastic and are inserted through an incision above the upper teeth and placed directly over the maxilla to augment the bone.  The cheek implants are placed under general anesthesia and patients can expect approximately 2 weeks of bruising and swelling after the procedure.

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