How long will it take to get normal facial proportions back after Perlane injections? (photo)

My ex-dermatologist (board certified D.O.) injected one syringe of Perlane into my face 6 months ago, and as of two days ago, this is what I look like as a result of her handiwork. I am so scared that I will never look normal again. She injected ABOVE my NLFs, creating wide flat expanse NLFs , then dumped the rest into around my mouth. It's thick, bulbous, and hard, running long & laterally, making it hard to chew, talk, or smile. Too many allergies to try hyaluronidase. What is my max sentence?

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Duration of Perlane

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I understand what you're going through but the good news (as you know) is that it will get better with time. Perlane usually lasts around a year. Obviously, people are not all the same, so yours may last significantly less or somewhat more time than usual. If you don't have severe allergies (as in anaphylaxis) to ant bites or bee and wasp stings, it is worth having a qualified physician inject a minute amount of the hyaluronidase into the skin of your forearm while monitoring you in the office, in order to see whether or not you develop any allergic symptoms. If no symptoms develop, it is safe to treat larger areas of your face with it. I hope this helps.

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