How Long Until I Look Normal After Smart Lipo on Face?

I had smartlipo surgery on my cheeks 5 weeks ago. I am Asian, quite slim, did the surgery to tighten my skin.There is no bruising or obvious lumps at this stage. But my cheeks still feel numb and I cannot smile properly. Is this normal? When can I get my smile back?

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Liposuction on the face

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There may be significant swelling under the skin that tightens the tissues and makes it hard to smile. There may be a need for time to improve the "waking up" process of the nerves for the function to return. You should see your surgeon to evaluate your condition. A risk of nerve injury would be greater if only one side were to malfuntion, and then a referral to a head and neck surgeon would be prudent as quickly as possible to check the nerve supply and condition of the nerve. Your condition is probably self-limiting but without examining you it is impossible to state, so see your surgeon soon.

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