How Long is Necrotic Tissue Expected to Take to Clear Up?

I had a laparotomy for an abdominal mass & reversal of an illeostomy March 31 & woke w/a large bit of white necrotic tissue in my belly button. My Dr. who did the surgery, has seemed unconserned. I've seen him 2x & once he cut out dead tissue. Today, it still looks exactlymad then w/necrotic tissue lining the walls of my belly button. It also killed off enough tissue to enlarge my belly button too. It's huge. How long does the necrosis take to heal? W/out any healing, when should I be conserned?

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Healing problems after abdominal surgery

The best course for you would likely be to have you examined by another surgeon for a second opinion regarding wound healing.  Unfortunately, you need to be examined in person for someone to comment about how long it will take for you to heal.  You may need other revisional surgeries before you reach a completely healed state, and possibly after that.  Best of luck to you.

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