How Long Will a Neck Lift Ribbon Procedure Last?

Is a neck ribbon lift a permanent fix or does it only last for a specific period of time?

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Ribbon lift not long lasting

I agree that a ribbon lift, like other suspension lifts, are short acting at best.  it is unlikely that improvement will be in the order of years - more likely in the order of months

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Length of necklift results

There is currently not enough long term information available to be certain. A well-done neck lift should last 5-15 years in an appropriate candidate.

Babak Azizzadeh, MD
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How Long Will a Neck Lift Ribbon Procedure Last?

  Suspension techniques for Face and or Neck Lifts are all subject to the same limitations of physics.  For anything to hold or suspend tissue, there must be two stable points of fixation.  The Mastoid bone, behind the ear could possibly act as a single fixation point but all soft tissue, including that in the neck, is well soft and as such will not act as a stable point of fixation.  The ribbon, thread or suture placed through the soft tissue will eventually erode through the tissue weakening the pull.  A proper Neck Lift or even a limited skin removal, under the chin, is more effective and reliable IMHO.

Francis R. Palmer, III, MD
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