How Long Will my Undereyes Remain Pink After Fat Injection Surgery?

My eyes aren't hurting but they are still pink. It is 10 days out and I did apply powder makeup last evening but had it off within a few hours. How long will my eyes remain pink and when can I start applying makeup?

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A couple of weeks

Having a bit of inflammation and pink/redness is normal for a couple of weeks after fat transfer. If you had bruising and there is residual color change, this could take a bit longer.

Discuss with your surgeon.

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Fat transfer healing time

Dear dpn67,

The pink is normal to have for at least 2 weeks after surgery.  You should notice that it will begin to fade.   As long as it continues to improve, you just have to give it time.  You should really visit your plastic surgeon if it concerns you, he/she will reassure you or find a treatment for it.


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Pink after fat injection

Certainly, the answer to this is best left to your doctor.  Why not call him/her?  But do expect the pink to fade over 2-6 weeks.  Good luck!

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