How long will my nose take to heal? Can squeezing blackheads permanently make your nose bigger and change its shape?

Hi im 16 ,my friend squeezed blackheads from my nose rlly sharply ,i felt a very sharp pain on either side of my nose alas and i squeezed in the middle there is now a red bump my nose shape is different and my nose is bigger as well as this there is a red bump from the blackheads which were squeezed,with sharp nails and tweezers ,i ws just wondering is there a chance that ive permanently damaged my nose or will it go exactly back to normal ,shape and size wise? Please Help !thankyou in advance!

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Nasal Damage

You may have temporary swelling from excessive squeezing of your black heads and you may develop a pimple or infection from your efforts.

However, you should not have permanent damage or changes to your nose. Consult a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon.

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