How Long Should my Chest Muscles Take to Heal if They Have Been Stitched Back Down to my Chest Wall?

i had breast implants under the muscle, however they caused my chest muscles to become tight.2 weeks ago they were switched to over the muscle. my surgeon had to stitch my muscles back to the chest wall. i have been raising my arms above my head for 1 week. however, my right chest muscle started hurting 2 days ago and has become really tight. i am worried i have damaged it, how long beforvthey wiil heal and work normally again?

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Recovery after chest muscle repair

Thank you for your question. It would not be in your best interest to give an advice online. You need to communicate with your plastic surgeon. Follow all the post operative instructions. Also you need to keep your appointments. He/she will be the best person to answer that question. 

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