How long will my breast reduction take to heal? (photo)

I have had breast reduction surgery 19 days ago and I have necrosis and wound seperation. How long do you think this will take to heal/close - what should happen. I got my surgery abroad. So when my wound seperated I wen to my doctor who referred me to plastic surgeon in my public hospital. He said just dressed the wound with plasters to help debride an told me to come back on Thursday.

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Wounds post breast reduction

Sorry to hear about your problem. That is why plastic surgeons here recommend strongly not to go abroad to have procedures. You are looking at a long course. Wound debridements, then healing over time. You then have scars that are usually thick from the slow healing process that may require scar revisions. Wound care centers in your local hospital can help assist you. If you are smoking, please stop or things will not improve. It is a difficult situation.

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How long will my breast reduction take to heal?

From the series of posted photos you had a breast reduction complication of fat necrosis and wound dehiscence. In your case at least 2 to 3 months of healing time. Sorry. But this shows why going out of country can end up costing you twice as much if you would have done the operation in the US with a local; boarded PS.!!!!!When will you all learn that out of country surgery has very high high risks../// 

Darryl J. Blinski, MD
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