How Long Will It Take my Breast to Take Form with a 500cc Implant?

i am 5'7 weigh in about 170 with broad shoulders. i was barely a b cup before the surgery. At three weeks my breast look like a small c cup, will they look any.larger with time and stretching of the skin taking into consideration i got a 500cc implant? my doctor said my skin was very tight when he inserted the implants. please advise.

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How Long Will It Take my Breast to Take Form

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In my experience, it takes around 2-4 months for breast tissue and skin to drape and conform to an implant. Young age, no pregnancies, big implant takes longer than the opposite. I think sometimes the implants does "look larger" in time because as the swelling goes down, the breasts appear to "stick out" more. They really aren't any larger, it is just the proportions.  

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Will 500 cc make me a "D"

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In my experience it generally takes 3-6 months to see almost the full effect.  Remember that the breast will continue to slowly evolve over your lifetime.  Due to your frame size and starting with small breasts you might not reach a “full D”.  The shape and profile of the implant will also determine your end results.  More projections make the implants look larger even though they have the same volume.


Good luck and thank you for your question.




Anire Okpaku MD FACS


Anire Okpaku, MD FACS
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It takes 6-8 months for your skin and muscle to relax. If you started at an A cup and you selected 500 cc implants it sounds like it will be making you a D cup. In our practice we like to say that 225 cc equal about one cup size.


Stuart B. Kincaid, MD, FACS (in memoriam)
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500 cc implant

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A 500 cc implant is fairly large and even in a flat chested woman it would probaly get her to a "D" ish cup. 

Steven Wallach, MD
New York Plastic Surgeon
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